Effective & Affordable construciton services

Making sure your home is in good condition is really not an option, unless you enjoy throwing money out the window. Your roof, doors, windows, and insulation/erergy efficency is important to you. At West Sound Construction Co., we know just how to ensure you have a solid, sturdy and energy efficency home.

Professional & Guaranteed

With 29 years experience in commercial and residential construction, we are capable of handling any project. Whether you've got a roof that needs to be replaced to old leaky windows that need replaced to general repairs to a new garage or a energy efficient home, we can take care of all your needs.  you may count on us to do the job right.

  • Leak air Detection & Repairs
  • Roof & Gutter
  • Shingle & Tile Replacement
  • Energy & Insulation Issues
  • window and doors
  • Skylight Installation & Repair
  • new and replacing siding